How God gave me back my late daughter — Remi Surutu

How God gave me back my late daughter — Remi Surutu

Actress, Remilekun Oshodi, popularly known as Remi Surutu, has been in very high spirits since the birth of her first grandchild, who she says shares a striking resemblance with her late daughter.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Surutu said, “Words cannot describe the joy I am experiencing. I am now a grandmother. My second and only surviving daughter was delivered a baby girl last Thursday. I believe my late daughter (first born) is back with me. There is no more weeping for me.

The baby is my late daughter’s carbon copy. The emptiness of these past years has disappeared and I feel so fulfilled. I never knew I would become a grandmother this soon. My daughter is a career-oriented person. She is not really marriage-centric.

So, when things began to fall into place, it came as a surprise. I know God ‘spoke to her’ for me. As a matter of fact, my daughter and her spouse told me they were not ready for a child. The only ceremony we have had was the introduction— a formal way of introducing both families to one another. We had planned their wedding for December.”

Remi Surutu also admitted that she still missed her late daughter. She added, “I still cry and miss my daughter. But, my grandchild is my succour now. On July 2 every year, I visit my daughter’s grave. I also go there on my birthday and her’s too. I just go there to pray. Because of all I had gone through, a lot of people were happy for me. I have received so many congratulatory calls and messages. I can say ‘she’ came back at the right time. ”

The actress also noted that she was content with how far her profession had taken her. She said, “I am no longer a socialite. I am a celebrity, not a socialite. I’m content (with where I am) and I’m not after anybody’s achievement. My heart is young and free because I don’t put unnecessary stress on myself.”

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