Take some time off ; Adekunle Gold speaks to fans…

Take some time off ; Adekunle Gold speaks to fans…

Nigerian high life and pop singer, Adekunle Gold has told his fans to take some time off.

Gold also revealed he is working on a yet-to-be-unveiled movie project.

The music star also revealed that he is now rounding off his next studio album which would be coming as his fourth.

“It hasn’t been easy juggling everything with family life. I decided that I’ll take a week off, something I had never done since the beginning of my career. To the detriment of myself, I don’t know how to stop,” the singer said.

“I keep going. With me there’s no end to anything, I’m always onto the next thing. Well after this week, I’ve learned how to use the pause button. It’s okay to take some time off to breathe! Like we often say, ‘problem no dey finish’.

“If things have been insane on your end as well, take some minutes off and even more time if you can afford it. A sad reality is that if you break down today, life will keep happening and you’ll soon realize life truly goes on.

Very humbling, I must say. Take time to check your health and actively do whatever you need to stay alive.”

Gold also talked about how he had momentarily battled stage freight and low concert turnout some years ago.https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/pagead/ads?client=ca-pub-9958298277854264&output=html&h=312&adk=3944440535&adf=461441812&pi=t.aa~a.3935942054~i.25~rp.4&w=375&lmt=1631693875&num_ads=1&rafmt=1&armr=3&sem=mc&pwprc=2651786207&psa=1&ad_type=text_image&format=375×312&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ladunliadinews.com%2F2021%2F09%2Fadekunle-gold-speaks-to-fans-take-some-time-off%2F&flash=0&fwr=1&pra=3&rh=296&rw=355&rpe=1&resp_fmts=3&sfro=1&wgl=1&fa=27&dt=1631693875714&bpp=4&bdt=834&idt=-M&shv=r20210909&mjsv=m202109130101&ptt=9&saldr=aa&abxe=1&cookie=ID%3D0a31aac00f67531c-22fb16ad0bcb0056%3AT%3D1631455446%3ART%3D1631455446%3AS%3DALNI_MZLGrtd7wLbxgYqyEFpBzKo6tXceg&prev_fmts=320×50%2C0x0%2C320x50%2C375x391&nras=2&correlator=3116586533146&frm=20&pv=1&ga_vid=821325249.1628437222&ga_sid=1631693875&ga_hid=360762041&ga_fc=0&u_tz=60&u_his=50&u_java=0&u_h=812&u_w=375&u_ah=812&u_aw=375&u_cd=32&u_nplug=0&u_nmime=0&adx=0&ady=2368&biw=375&bih=635&scr_x=0&scr_y=0&eid=44747621%2C182982000%2C182982200%2C31060049%2C31062297&oid=3&pvsid=2289048870901621&pem=881&ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ladunliadinews.com%2F&eae=0&fc=384&brdim=0%2C0%2C0%2C0%2C375%2C0%2C375%2C812%2C375%2C635&vis=1&rsz=%7C%7Cs%7C&abl=NS&fu=128&bc=31&ifi=7&uci=a!7&btvi=3&fsb=1&xpc=y7ztMAm7nJ&p=https%3A//www.ladunliadinews.com&dtd=31

“I’m still here with my girls, and as you may have seen, I have been working in different cities in the states on the ‘AG Baby In Ya City’ thing. It has been crazy so far. I have done about half of the cities on the schedule,” he said.

“More cities keep asking. Not complaining though, I’ve never met a dollar I didn’t like. I remember in 2016 the turnout of some of these cities was super low. I remember how some of my performances were lackluster.

“I used to have so much stage fright with shaky vocals while I performed. Some nights on stage I didn’t even know how to engage the crowd if there was any technical issue. so many funny stories from that year.

“But look all that is gone now, it’s all about growing, I’m still growing and AG Baby is in the building. I have had so much fun in different cities, every song I performed went off and the energy has been really crazy.

“You people won’t even let me sing my songs to you, you want to perform at the top of your voices to me. In the middle of this, I have been rounding off my album and working on the film project I told you about last time.”

Gold has released three albums so far, namely: ‘Gold’ (2016), ‘About 30’ (2018), and ‘Afropop’ (2020).

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