Daddy Freeze Reveals He Suffered Depression From First Marriage

Daddy Freeze Reveals He Suffered Depression From First Marriage

Daddy Freeze has revealed how he suffered depression from his first marriage.

He made this known while reacting to the death of DJ Xgee.

DJ Xgee killed allegedly himself on Wednesday January 2nd and was buried on Thursday January 3rd.

Controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze has now reacted to the incident. He said his first marriage put him in severe depression and it is a miracle he survived it. See what he wrote below;

”Rest in peace bro….🙏

Depression is indeed a killer, I’ve been down that road before. My first marriage made me terribly depressed and when my former pastor, told me to fix that marriage; the source of my depression, I realized Satan was truly his god.

In John Chapter 4, when Christ met the Samaritan woman who had 5 previous husbands and was living with the sixth at the well, he NEVER called her a sinner, or told her to go back to her first marriage, or move out of where she was living with the man she wasn’t married to, do you know why? Because unlike those untaught cutpurses you call pastors and GOs, Christ understood the dynamics of a relationship, so instead of condemning her like religion would do, he turned her into a harvester of souls for his kingdom.

If being in a toxic relationship is the source of your depression, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, file for a divorce, it’s the best decision I ever took. However, if you are in love with someone and that love is not being reciprocated, it’s a little bit more technical and such a person needs a very capable support system.

Your pastors would probably tell you he is going to hell, let me assure you that they would get there first.

Greed, lies, collecting tithes from widows and orphans, collecting the entire January salaries of people who can barely feed themselves and living in falsehood would get you to hell much faster than suicide ever can.

The human mind is a very fragile thing, be very careful how you handle people who are sad or depressed. The hierarchy of your value systems might not coincide with theirs, so be careful not to view their lives through your own eyes, instead try to show empathy.

People employ all sorts of coping mechanisms to deal with depression, don’t judge them, help them, if you can’t, be nice to them.

Money does NOT answer all things, once again, stop listening to those louts behind pulpits. When you are depressed money doesn’t always help, unless of course money is the source of the depression in the first place.

Don’t break hearts, some people NEVER really recover, try to be as truthful as you possibly can, if you only want sex, don’t promise marriage. ~FRZ

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