5 Interesting Highlights Of Day 38 At The BB Naija 2018 House

5 Interesting Highlights Of Day 38 At The BB Naija 2018 House

It was certainly a day for the housemates to let it all come down, bond to grow stronger, forgotten issues to be totally forgotten, and moving on to other things in Day 78 at the BB Naija 2018 House.

These are the highlights of day 38.

Cee C And Alex Fight

It is no news that Cee C Doesn’t get along with most of the housemates and her list of people she has fought with just keeps getting the longer that even she can’t keep track of. Yesterday it was she and Alex that had an argument over a bedspread. Cee C had told Alex not to wipe her glasses with her bedspread but Alex had brushed it aside, thinking it was a joke but Cee C was serious and very soon the housemates were at each other’s throats.

It is just a conspiracy but is Cee C’s argument with Alex rally due to Alex’s budding partnership with Tobi?

What Goes Around Comes Around

When Lolu entered the House, it was a self-effacing, nimble, scrawny character that he first portrayed.  Because he didn’t pose any threat to the other males or females, Lolu was not the immediate recipient of any special attention. This freed him to study these peers with the intensity of a professional profiler.

However, there was only so far he could go to hide his smarts, for his eloquence and articulated mind proved quite unsettling to others. It was during Big Brother’s icebreaker Task on what Housemates liked and disliked about each other that Lolu passed from a relative neutrality to an alienating persona. The sharpness of his analysis of his peers chilled everyone to the bone, everyone except Anto whom he was paired with and who shared a similar biting tongue.

With Big Brother reshuffling the pairs, Lolu has significantly gained in popularity in the House since being partnered up with Cee-C. Although Housemates pity him for being stuck with her, they are equally relieved that he spared them from having to deal with her temper tantrums. Even Cee-C’s subject of desire, Tobi, who used to spend every breath begging her to calm down happily kept himself out of the picture.

On many aspects, Cee-C is to Lolu was a karmic debt is.  She has been nothing but her big-headed, uncaring self, a thorn in his heel, a bruise in his groin and a constant pain in his neck. To make it worse, after receiving two Strikes, Lolu has become more aware of the constant need to manage Cee-C from herself.  Against his will, he found himself in the unenviable position of using his brains or rather pacifying Cee-C, to safeguard his stay.

 The Challenge Of The Week

Last week posed a challenge of stamina and physical rapport but this week is more about the mind. The Heritage Bank Challenge is all about strategy, skill, and decoding clues. The theme this week is all about conservation and environmentalism so the Task lends it’s challenging to this narrative.

Housemates were sorted into teams as follows:

  • Team Blue: Leo, Lolu, IFU, and Tobi
  • Team White: Miracle, Teddy A, Nina and Bambam
  • Team Green: Anto, Rico, Cee C and Alex

They were then sent on a treasure hunt to find clues that denoted to particular objects of their Team color.

Straight after all the formalities were out of the way, the new teams jumped to their new Task and scattered around the House. Everyone was motivated and ready for the new challenge which definitely plays more of a mental aspect than that of last week. Team Green was the first team to successfully get their kit box.

Within their kit box lay all the tools that the teams needed to set up their strategy corner and let’s just say that Team white was relishing in their success. Team green came with a lot of tension as both Cee C and Alex cannot seem to see eye to eye lately. This caused a bit of contention during the Task but it is obviously working to their advantage at this stage.

Team blue was struggling to complete their treasure hunt and spent over two hours trying to collect all the clues that would allow them to collect their kit box. Even as the Housemates went into their Diary Sessions, Team Blue was still turning the House upside down in an attempt to complete the hunt.

All of this preparation and challenge will result in a House debate where each Housemate will play a role. The teams need to try and snoop and find out what the other teams are doing. The essence of all of this is that in the real business world you need to know what your competitors are doing to enable you to up your game.

Getting The Task Done

With the new week in full swing, Biggie decided to chat to the Housemates about their new Task, in the process he unearthed some interesting information regarding rising tensions.

This week is all about conservation and environmental awareness so of course, Biggie decided to ask about the hot topic up for debate tomorrow – Global Warming. While some had very interesting stances like self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist Teddy A, other were extremely passionate and educated on the topic like Lolu. However, it was a shock to hear that many of the Housemates had no clue what global warming even was, both Nina and Alex blatantly admitted that they had never even thought about it.

Many of the Housemates used Biggie’s talk about the Task as a vehicle for their other frustrations. Of course, there was Cee C and Alex venting about one another and then, of course, Nina had a full rant about her petty fight with Miracle over, you guessed it, food. Leo was not in high spirits at all, stating that he was completely exhausted from the Heritage bank Task already and it has basically only just begun. His team was having monumental difficulty completing the treasure hunt at this stage, thankfully Anto saved the day. BamBam also told Biggie that she feels an immense friction in the House and that not many of the Housemates aside from Rico and Teddy A are even happy for her HoH win.

 Watered Down

Another topic discussed in today’s sessions was the water rationing and how some Housemates had not taken to it very well. Anto shared her shock at the fact that she grew up in America and she happened to be used to this while her fellow Housemates, who had been brought up in Nigeria were the ones who had the biggest issues with it. All in all, though it seems that each day, the Housemates are adapting and growing used to this. Many of them admit that this challenge has really made them more conscious about wasting water and how little of it you need to live.

Props to Biggie for putting an end to cognitive dissonance, or trying at least.

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