5 Behaviors That Promote Trust

5 Behaviors That Promote Trust

Trust is the most important thing in each aspect of life – from love to career, but sometimes it is extremely hard to make people trust you regardless of how trustworthy you are. There are a few behaviors though, which can help you make your family, partner, friends, and coworkers genuinely trust you. See if you have any of the following behaviors and which one you should change or adopt.

1. Be easygoing

It is okay to have one best friend and spend your free time with them, but there is nothing wrong with having a lot of so-called friends. People have a tendency to trust those who they are friends with and those who are the friends with their friends. In other words, become an easygoing person who has many friends. After all, someone is more likely to accept your friend’s request on Facebook, if you have at least one mutual friend.

2. Smell like lavender

As ridiculous as it sounds, people shy away from those with strong and bold perfumes. Bold smells put us on alert and make us be cautious of those people. If you want people to trust you more, choose more calming and relaxing scents, like lavender or rose. Remember, your scent must be welcoming, not scaring.

3. Feel free to get a little embarrassed

No one is perfect and some situations might be slightly or highly embarrassing. The way you deal with these situations show your level of trustworthiness. If you get stressed over them and run away feeling irritated or down, people will never trust you. Once you learn how to accept the situations with grace, regardless of what happens, people will start trusting you more.

4. Make a gentle eye contact

There is a popular, and in some cases, wrong belief that if someone does not make an eye contact with you, then they are trying to hide something from you. While it is untrue, the society keeps believing in this myth. Learn how to make a gentle eye contact with people you talk to show them that you are totally honest and trustworthy.

5. Do not be afraid to say, “I am so sorry”

Numerous reviews have shown that people who start their request with the phare, “I am sorry” are more likely to evoke trust and receive what they want. For instance, when you need to call your mom and your battery is dead, it is not easy to make someone give you their phone.

You can simply say, “Could you please give me your phone? My phone is dead and I need to call my mom” or tell the same but with the phrase, “I am sorry” in the beginning. There is a significant difference, so feel free to experiment a little bit.

Gaining someone else’s trust is not easy, but your behavior can play a key role. Pay attention to your body language and the way you treat people to ensure you look and behave as a person who they can trust.

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