Toyin Lawani Reveals Her Health Challenges

Toyin Lawani Reveals Her Health Challenges

Serial entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani has hit back at people who say she had work done on her body by sharing her health challenges.

The mother-of-two, who runs multiple businesses, said the scars on her body aren’t from cosmetic surgeries but as a result of various surgeries she had to save her life.

Sharing videos with her abs exposed, she wrote:

You don’t know my story you just know about me ?And they see the incisions on my stomach , they say oh that’s from cosmetic surgery ?‍?? I get really hurt , BITCH shut the fuck up?im freezing my eggs , im taking my womb out , what will you know about the jabs I take , Or the big cut on my lower belly like csection which I have never had , had all my kids naturally, I will wear all my scars with pride cause they are my trophy, I earn them from fighting for my life daily ,I have had 2breast lump removals ,four Fibriod surgeries, one laparoscopic surgery, and I have 7 New Fibriod’s , yes it comes back even plus the numerous surgeries and the only choice is to take out the womb after years of constant surgeries and agonizing pain ,thank God I have two kids already , was trying to have one more recently but lost it , I don’t think there’s no Herbal concussion I haven’t tried or medicine ?‍??All you all do is mock people you know nothing about, I hate pity cause I’m a warrior, so I don’t talk about these things, even when you talk about it they will still judge you , but y’all need to stop writing shit on my page , it’s upsetting, seriously pls stop, it’s hurts cause if I actually did the Ass surgery I won’t be mad , now you make me really want to do it ?‍??want to watch All my Recent updates Register @ebonylifeon to watch now , I spoke about all this on @tiannahsempirerealitytvshow on #Dstv165 on @Ebonylifetv and I showed abit of the process of freezing my eggs, my Reality show is ist on tv in Nigeria , it’s educating and captivating, we don’t mislead people there ,i Empower and inspire Regardless of my health issues, you should do the same. I show you how to man up and the Rope to be An Amazing Entrepreneur even if you are A single mother

She added in another post:


When they say my Butt is fake it Really piss me off  But I ignore most times , mcse you cnt be arguing with trolls whn you hv 30 Businesses to Run& mouths to feed ,Let’s set the Record straight ,most of you feed off the negativity you Read on blogs,without finding out facts ,you Assume you know peoples lives by gossip,Meanwhile you know nothing or peoples pains or what they are going through ,stop coming to my page to say Trash that I did ass ,which I didn’t & which I will still do but scared my legs will look like toothpick,like the celebs I see pls if I even did it ,is it not my money ? Is it not my ass ?How’s it your biz &do I look like someone who gives a shit abt peoples opinion ?What you think of me is your biz, so far I know my truth& God knows it too ,who cares?‍??I have seen it all trust me ,I don’t hv to prove myself to anyone ,I guess cse surgery is in Vogue now ,everyone is shouting up&down abt it, you all are learners ,I had my ist Breast surgery 12years Ago, some of us don’t like talking about our personal lives on the gram,most people that do surgery are doing it the beauty of it, while i did it for health reasons ,if you watched @tiannahsempirerealitytvshow #season2 Via @ebonylifetv #Dstv165, episode 13 ,I said it all ,I even showed the last surgery I had,you can watch it online via @ebonylifeon ,when I had my ist surgery 12years Ago, My duaghter was 1 then, I had Breast lumps

Which spread to my rib cage ,I had to have it remove then scraped out ,lost half my breast ,left me looking deformed, which they showed me through 3D ,before the surgery ,I told my surgeon to make sure I didn’t wake up to see it ,so got me a perfect 34d Implants,cse I wasn’t doing it for fun ,wld hv gone bigger, I just wanted to fit in&you all know you have to change your implants every 10years for safety reasons ,which was the gist you grabbed last year ,I left it for 12years ,I had smart lipo on my stomach 7years ago ,which the fat eventually came back,cause I was eating late nights &wasn’t working out ,Now I started working out&training my Waist using @tiannahsglowproducts shrinkingcream with my Waist corset 6hrs A day ,came out with 6packs I’ve always wanted

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