Toni Payne recalls how AY didn’t give Olamide chance as upcoming

Toni Payne recalls how AY didn’t give Olamide chance as upcoming

Talent manager and Coded Tunes Entertainment publicist, Toni Payne, has narrated how AY Comedian refused to allow Indigenous rapper, Olamide to perform at his show only to come back to beg for favour after Olamide’s fame.

Toni Payne revealed that she had begged AY to allow her upcoming singer, Olamide perform at his comedy show back then but Mr. AY refused, citing that Olamide is not yet on the level of artists that can perform on his show.

She narrated how tables turned around a year later and AY came begging for Olamide to come and perform at his show for free.null

She wrote on her Instastory: “Lol… I was speaking to a friend today and it reminded me of one story when I was managing Olamide… I stopped speaking to comedian AY cos of this incident and honestly till today, I’m glad I did cos I don’t like people with that sort of character. So me and AY used to be cool. I’d done favors for him in the past, no big deal. When Olamide was coming up, I decided to ask cash in a favor and ask if Olamide could perform at his show even if it’s for a minute. Omo, see ela. ’11’ The man refused to give the boy a chance. It pained me ehn.

“I took the L and lamented for weeks. Lmao! No wahala, we sha kept it pushing. Anyways fast forward to the next year, Olamide had started doing well and guess who conveniently needed a favor, and wanted Olamide to perform? Oga comedian. This is the same guy that turned Ola down cos he wasn’t big now looking for “friend of the house” performance.

“See ehn, it’s ok to turn him down, nothing is by force but don’t come back later looking for a favor from that same person you underrated. It makes you look like a user. IMO! I told Cabasa he must pay but Cabasa, as per man of God, said to just free him and I had to respect that. Left to me, would have charged him that day and at double our rate. Glory be to God sha cos if man na God See ehn, no one born of man can stop anything God has planned for you. I’m always very proud when I see Olamide thriving cos the road was phyuking hard.

“I knew his talent couldn’t be hidden for long sha so all na time. Lemme not talk of the day one boy carried him and Gabriel Afoloyan to / think Ogun state and I showed that one that, emi Osha, on my watch, no one I’m managing is to be messed with.

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