This Is How People Are Reacting To Khloe And K.Brule’s Disqualification From The BB Naija House

This Is How People Are Reacting To Khloe And K.Brule’s Disqualification From The BB Naija House

Last night at the BB Naija house was the most shocking for the 2018 Big Brother housemates as a total of six housemates left the house. Four left because they were evicted, but the most talked about exit since last night’s event was the disqualification of the K-Square-K.Brule and Khloe-pair.

What seemed to the housemates to be a quarrel between the two was breaking the rules in Big Brother’s house. This disqualification has therefore being getting viewers talking since it happened.

More are out of disbelief and others are sad because the one person that keeps the house lively with her antics is gone. How would the dynamics of the house change now that six out of twenty housemates are gone?

 Read what people are tweeting about K-Square’s disqualification.


K-Brule and Khloe are the biggest losers in this world. I mean how can a dirty attitude make you lose an opportunity of winning N45m in this Nigeria economy where minimum wage is still less than N20k?

Stupidity is when you call a show “double wahala” but ended up removing the housemates that bring in the wahala to the house.

Bring back K-brule and khloe

Retweet if you think K-Brule and Khloe entertained and you will miss them.
Like if don’t

That’s how K-Brule and Khloe have been disqualified 🤦🏾‍♀️
Moral Lesson: Kids learn to watch what you say when you’re angry and stay away from alcohol esp. if you cannot handle it

Big Brother’s plan is to handpick the winner. So he tries all he can to get rid of competition. Khloe was clearly a threat. Dude wants more attention than the housemates hence the disqualification of K-Brule and Khloe. This show will be going into coma come next week.

I don’t see why K-Brule and Khloe were disqualified sha. So adults can’t quarrel again? It doesn’t make sense.

So like this now,k-brule and khloe are still not stars after going to the big brother.

Last season it was KEMEN, this seson its K-brule and Khloe. Whatsup with this K gang shut self now we have KKK. This show get K leg

The partnership of K-brule and Khloe was a ticking bomb .

I wish them all the best I will miss them on the screen

K-Brule and Khloé well if he loses it and slap her i hope ye all wont mind..
I will take all the insults but don’t open your pussy mouth near my mum or my family i cant take that seriously. If it was me i will slap this girl and go home fulfill

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