The Alleged Story Of Payporte Sponsoring BB Naija 2018 With Millions While Owing Staff

The Alleged Story Of Payporte Sponsoring BB Naija 2018 With Millions While Owing Staff

Payporte, one of the official sponsors of the ongoing BB  Naija 2018 reality show has been discovered to be owing some of its staff and former employees.

There have been claims by the former staff of the organization that the reason behind this is due to the lavish spending of the CEO, Eyo Bassey, and also the money Payporte spends in funding the BB Naija reality show.

To assert their aims, former employees have taken to opening a Twitter handle with the sole aim of exposing the dark side of the organization.

The Twitter handle @ex_payporte_sff has been releasing evidence against the owner, Eyo Bassey and the organization itself, seeking justice for the staff who are bearing the brunt of it all.

Apart from sponsoring reality TV show BB Naija, worth over 350,000,000 naira, they also sponsor AY Live, Nigeria Football Federation.

These are some of the tweets from the page.

Hello Nigeria. A lovely evening to you all. Some months ago, January to be precise, a certain Twitter account, made claims about PayPorte, one of Nigeria’s most popular e-Commerce Companies owing months of salaries.

Many felt this was a rumor, because there was no identity to the person and the account, but we are here to tell you it was no rumor. It was the truth. We are the Ex-PayPorte Staff and we are seeking justice. No hidden faces. Real people who will reveal ourselves in due time.

We are a group of former employees who have had enough! We hereby bring to the notice of the Labour union, @firsNigeria, @PenComNig, Media and general public the injustice and inhumane treatment going on at PAYPORTE GLOBAL SYSYEMS

For months we have been working without pay! Requests for salary advance from salaries owed are being ignored! Employees who are unable to come to work due to lack of funds are fired and still denied payment!

Salaries have not been paid since November last year. For our Pension, 8% employee contribution is being deducted monthly but not remitted, same for the employer’s statutory 10% pension contribution.

It’s our business when all these spending are going on during the same period when staff were sending requests for School fees for a child which was ignored and child had to be withdrawn from the school.

It’s our business when Staff sent request for his rent which expired and he had to be evicted from his house

It’s our business when Staff who needed just N20,000 Salary advance to cater to his family sends a mail requesting for fees and the mail is unanswered.


Once you resign from , they erase you from payroll and refuse to pay you your outstanding salaries. Add that he even resulted sending life threatening msgs to staff who left. We do have evidence for these also .

Eyo Bassey Francis has been sleeping with his staff (to mention one is a 19yrs old…He got her a Macbook and IphoneX) insist on having morning devotions of which if you fail to attend, pray and fast for him when required you can be equally fired.

Almost every brand ambassador ends their relationship with PayPorte on bad notes. One, a fashion influencer who was the fashion ambassador even threatened legal actions when his contract was discontinued wrongfully.

In 2017, PayPorte spent the following fees on Sponsorships. This was the same year, Eyo Bassey was battling an @officialEFCC case…or two. Sponsorship – Well over N350,000.000 sponsorship – N100,000,000: N20,000,000

There is an ongoing internal debate between us to reveal the identities of the girlfriends of Eyo Bassey Francis and his spendings on them while owing staff who need money for their lives. You never know, we just might real more.

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Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity – Martin Luther King, Jr.
A lot of Nigerians and staff are ignorant about their…our rights.
Its important we let the existing staff know we are fighting not for a few

But for all of us as a team. We worked together. We have slept overnight in the offices together. Left our families to relocate to Lagos to come work for this same Company. We have to stand for everyone of us and let them know why we are fighting this battle with @payporte

You CANNOT be sponsoring @bbnaija and when you have not paid 4 to 5 months salary.
So, we sent this mail to all existing members of staff of PayPorte today. Let them ruminate over this and understand what this is about.

This is not a case of witch hunting, we simply want justice.

Let know that they are getting into deep waters with a chronic debtor. Ask the previous ambassadors. PayPorte is owing ALL of THEM. Maybe except .

Some might say its not our business who the MD has private relationships with. But it is when you support your girlfriend with N1.5M at the same time staff were sending mails requesting for funds to feed their families
The funds were given to her in January.

Which was of more priority? That money will have paid over 20 people’s salaries.
So, in no time we will start revealing Identities of Eyo Bassey’s mistresses. He will realize this is no joke. We have proof of this purchase!

The girl too collected and could not advice him to pay salaries. God will bring justice to all of you. Now we understand how she got promoted like the speed of light….wait for it.

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See some of the evidence below.



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