R. Kelly’s Manager Defends Him! There Is A S-x Tape, But Nothing Against The Law

R. Kelly’s Manager Defends Him! There Is A S-x Tape, But Nothing Against The Law

R. Kelly is at the center of a massive investigation following the discovery of multiple incriminating s-x tapes.

For years, R. Kelly’s fans have been divided on whether or not he was really the person who appeared on the last infamous s-x tape due to the grainy quality of it. However, this time around, attorney Michael Avenatti and Cook County prosecutors claim there is no denying the fact that R. Kelly is the man in the latest video.

To make matters worse, he’s reportedly filmed with an underage girl. But despite the incriminating tape and the charges R. Kelly is facing, the Grammy-Award-winning singer maintains his innocence.

In the past, those close to R. Kelly remained silent about the tapes, but now, his manager Don Russell is sounding off.

News One caught up with Russell following R. Kelly’s release from Cook County Jail in Chicago, Illinois. When asked about the current s-x tapes in question, Russell offered a surprising response.

According to News One, not only did Russell admit R. Kelly recorded the tapes, but he also offered a bizarre reason why he did so.

During a seemingly awkward exchange with the press, Russell revealed that R. Kelly allegedly filmed the s-x tapes to “prove consent” for the “sake of his career.”

Russell who is also the singer’s advisor and longtime friend also explained why R. Kelly made so many frequent trips to his old high school. Despite the claims detailed in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly, Russell claims the singer had a legitimate purpose for his visits.

“He wasn’t going to that school because he was targeting somebody … he had a teacher who actually taught him how to play the piano and taught him about music and a lot of things,” Russell said with a straight face. “So he wasn’t going there targeting anybody, he was going there to learn more about his craft.”

Admitting that R. Kelly did, indeed, film his s-x acts, Russell went on to compare R. Kelly’s s-x tapes to Mike Tyson. “The videos exist, but you have to think about this,” said Russell, “Mike Tyson went to jail for what? He couldn’t prove what happened in that room, right? He’s not taping videos because he gets something off from it.”

However, Russell did attempt to defend R. Kelly when he was asked one specific question: did R. Kelly have s-x with a 14-year-old girl? According to Russell, “absolutely not.” At this point, the age of the female in the s-x tape has yet to be confirmed.

But, according to Michael Avenatti, R. Kelly makes the female’s age very clear as he reportedly says it multiple times in the video.

Avenatti also claims he can positively identify the young lady. Although Russell is defending R. Kelly, many fans believe he may not be able to slip through the cracks of the justice system this time around. R. Kelly is currently facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault.

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