Peruzzi Accused Of Not Abiding By Signed Contract By DMW Label Boss

Peruzzi Accused Of Not Abiding By Signed Contract By DMW Label Boss

Nigerian singer, Peruzzi who is currently signed to Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) has been accused of not abiding by the terms of the contract he has with his label.

The singer it would be recalled was officially signed to DMW in November 2017, prior to which he was with Golden Boy Entertainment.

Over the weekend, the CEO of Golden Boy Entertainment, Patrick Anyaene said in an interview that the “Aje” singer still has a running contract with Golden Boy Entertainment. Anyaene said Peruzzi has been releasing records and he has not been getting paid. He said:

“I don’t have problems with Davido, he says, I have issues with Perruzi, my artiste. All the songs Davido released since last year November are my records. They are my records because those songs were written by my artiste.

Songs like ‘Fia’, ‘Ada’, ‘Mind’ by DMW, ‘Aje’ by DMW and other songs they might be working on now are all the property of Golden Boy Entertainment.”

He continues,

“Peruzzi has been going for shows and getting paid; I have been patient with them since November. I am unhappy because I have not been settled. As a businessman, when you invest money in an individual, you expect a return.

Davido has given Peruzzi some guts to do whatever he likes; he has forgotten that he signed a contract with me and I have lawyers on the case.”

When Peruzzi’s manager, Abiola Ridwan Sanni, the head of Kolotainment was reached out to for the label’s official response, he said he is aware of all that has been happening;

”Actually Patrick is our guy, but when you sign an artist and you are not doing the right things, all these things he is saying, he didn’t say it when Peruzzi was nobody now. Then David called him one on one, even wanted him [Patrick] to be his [Peruzzi] manager, but still he didn’t take the opportunity.

Perruzi started working with me in 2016 and I was paying him salary. I officially signed him in 2017 for a three-year contract. He has breached a contract and he is an ingrate,” he concluded.
Asked if Peruzzi still has a deal with Golden Boy Entertainment, he responds, ”Golden Boy is in a partnership with DMW, that is what is on ground and yes he is entitled to returns, but the guy has been going around saying things and damaging the relationship.

It is because of these comments he has been saying since last year that got David [Davido] mad at him.

He claims he has spent so much on Peruzzi and only wants his money back and David has told him, If that is what you want I will pay you your money, and he agreed to pay him in installments.

He has been doing this since last year, claiming we stole his artist, telling everyone we are owing him money, then later he will come back to the house and ask for a meeting, it is no issue really.” he concluded.

When asked if DMW have many any payment to Golden Boy since the partnership began, he says, he can’t exactly confirm, but added that Patrick have not handled things properly by putting some of Peruzzi’s songs out without consulting with Davido.

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