OAP Dotun reacts after businesswoman was assaulted by unknown policeman

OAP Dotun reacts after businesswoman was assaulted by unknown policeman

Nigerian on-air personality Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode has called out authorities of the Nigerian Police Force after three of their men assaulted a businesswoman on Thursday night.

The lady known as Nwanneka Nkumah AKA mizwanneka on social media shared her horrid tale of how a police officer stopped her for a random search and abused her because she asked him a question.

Recounting her experience, the hair dealer stated that the policeman tried to take her phone from her and when she put the phone in her skirt, the policeman also put his hands in her skirt without her permission and grabbed the phone.

Immediately she tried to get her phone back which caused two other policemen to join in the assault.

She ended up in the hospital with broken and bleeding nails.


Reacting to the story, OAP Dotun called out the Nigerian police force and expressed his disgust at the action of the abusive officer.

He was particularly surprised that the officer would go as far as putting his hand up the skirt of the victim without her consent.

He noted that it was unfortunate that even when the good police officers are raising the bar, the bad ones keep dragging the profession in the mud.

In his post, he wrote:

“I read that @mizwanneka Story and I can see the level of decay in a supposed system that is meant to protect you.

“Sadly, the good ones keep fighting to raise the bar but these bad eggs won’t let them strive.

“These @nigeriapoliceforce @policenglagos @nigerian_police_academy bad eggs need to be dealt with.

“How in the world do you forget your comportment all of a sudden even in a police uniform? Her ordeal is a very very special case that needs attention.

“I absolutely know @opetodolapo @ruggedybaba @segalink and a few others championing this good cause will not let this slide.. so sad”

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