What the biggest moment that inspired you to become a Disc Jockey???

Wow! It all began with a simple question that I answered without knowing what the future holds.
“DJing?” my sister asked, “Is that what you want to do?” I told her with full confidence: “I’ve decided to take this thing full time; I love it and I am ready for it”.

She could see I was clearly love-drunk with music and the industry. It was then she took me and bought me my very first DJ player, a memory that has created a beautiful after-taste of passion, drive and brilliance. I can never forget that moment in my life.

Can you introduce yourself in details???
My name is Iwuagwu Ebere Pat, known professionally as ‘Commissioner DJ Wysei’ AKA (Drummer girl) from Imo State, Eastern part of Nigeria. I am a lover of music, hence made me a professional Disc Jockey (DJ).  

The passion for music developed during my secondary school years and through my University days as a student. I am also a certified Information Technologist.

Though I had no Idea I would decide on disk jockeying. I have had lots of experiences in my career when I started as a DJ and I can boldly say publicly that coming out strong and noticed in the industry is not just about being a lady with all the attractive features to offer, but such that could attract the needed attention and know what the listeners want.

How long can you thrive with being a PROFFESIONAL DJ???

Well, Professionalism works better when you are well grounded in what you do. You can represent anywhere. Various industries are filled with inspiring, prolific women and lots of female professionals thriving in their professions and crafts. So thriving as a DJ is nothing to be worried about that is why I choose that path.

How did you make it here so far?

I make sure that what I play is really accessible to everyone. Because people are looking, I know for a fact. So I make sure whatever I release is good enough or nothing at all. Events, marriage, it doesn’t matter – I keep putting in my best out there. Sometimes, my fans get so emotional about my performance that they attempt to make physical contacts or ask for one in the heat of the moment.

These are some of the things you just have to deal with. One great big thing that keeps encouraging me was when CNN got a wind of my exclusives and noticed me. Coming on the wings of this was the fact that CNN kept showcasing me along other peer female Deejays.

Gaining such visibility, Wazobia Fm Lagos noticed me and I got embraced after featuring in a competition which I was the Top Winner. Then I knew, it’s all worth it and it will keep getting better.

So it’s all hard work rather than physical appearance. My desire is to inspire as many as possible with my craft!


What other words do you have for other fast rising female DJ’S??

Well, the truth is there is no easy path or shortcut to success, you have to keep working harder everyday to be at the top of your game. Keep believing.

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