I Show Off My Husband For Business Reasons –Liz Anjorin

I Show Off My Husband For Business Reasons –Liz Anjorin

Actress, Liz Anjorin, has said she publicly displays her husband for business reasons and not just to show off. In an interview with Saturday Beats, Liz Anjorin said, “I am a very private person. The only reason I post my dance videos and pictures with my husband is for my business. If not for that, I would not even be on social media. I run a clothing line, and I make male and female clothes. I only use my husband as a male model for my business because he’s not in favour of me using male models. If I could keep my grown-up daughter off social media, it would not be hard for me to keep my marriage off it. Many of the people who now complain that I am showcasing my husband due to our public displays of affection on Instagram were the same ones who bullied the innocent and easygoing man after our secret wedding was leaked by their kind. If a woman is married and she does not display her man, people would begin to insinuate that the man has left and that they are no longer together. My husband, who loves to keep things personal, was bullied; hence, I have taken it upon myself to ‘press their necks’ with my show of love for my husband by posting pictures of us together online If people observe foreign celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Nikki Minaj, they would realise that there are certain things expected of an entertainer. But unfortunately, some Nigerians are not well informed, therefore they find it hard to accept the reality of things across the world. I travel a lot, and I know that when one is travelling as a couple, the embassies would request for one’s social media handle, and a lot of opportunities could be made available to a person due to their social media activities. So, I also post those pictures because we got married not too long ago, and having information about one’s marriage, partner, kids and business on social media makes things easier for people when travelling. I don’t like show-offs. However, as a celebrity, one needs to put some things out there concerning one’s life. I will continue to post my husband. I don’t care what anyone says. I’m not the only celebrity who posts pictures or videos with my husband; other celebrities do that too.”

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