I haven’t gone to church since I met Davido -Peruzzi

I haven’t gone to church since I met Davido -Peruzzi

Nigerian artiste, Peruzzi said he has not gone to church since he met Davido.

Peruzzi stated this when he featured on Joey Akan’s ‘Afrobeats Intelligence.’

He said: “I haven’t gone to church since I met David. I haven’t been to church in like four years. But yeah, I believe in God.”

“I’ve always seen myself as a star before I met anybody in this industry, I used to act like ‘people are watching me.’ I didn’t have any drip, but I’d make sure that I’m not wearing any fake Gucci, I’m not wearing any fake Versace.

“I’m wearing a plain white shirt. I had my way that I’m going to be something. I didn’t know how, but I knew, ‘guy, I’m going to be something.’ I was already acting like I was. When David met me, I was branding myself already.

“He knew there was a wave. It’s been like that because I always felt like if you know you want to get somewhere, just start preparing yourself for it. [It] wasn’t really fake-fake, ’cause I didn’t rock no fake sh*t. But I faked being a star.”

However, Peruzzi also revealed that he sees himself settling down with his family in California in the next six years.

He said, “Like my mum used to say: ‘Even if you no know where you dey come from, no forget where you dey go. I feel like you can’t just be existing. You have to be living. In the sense that, you have to be about something.

“And me, I’ve always known where I want to be, I can tell you where I want to settle down; Malibu, California. I just want to be there smoking my weed in like six years from now with my wife and my two kids.

“I already know everything I want in this life. I know because I feel like you’re supposed to know. If not, why are you living? Why are you working? Why am I even singing? Am I singing because I want to be singing forever?

“I can’t be singing forever now. I’m singing because after singing, I have to do something. I have to be somewhere.

“I have to say ‘yes, this is what my life turned out to be.’ From going to primary school, going to high school, going to uni, it has to result in something. It would be no use for me living if I don’t have a destination.”

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