“I have a clean heart & God with me; i would have been dead by now”- Chamberlain Emmanuel

“I have a clean heart & God with me; i would have been dead by now”- Chamberlain Emmanuel

Here is an exclusive interview with Chamberlain Emmanuel; A talent manager and business man with Datjoblessboi.


My name is Chamberline Emmanuel ; I am popular known as Dgee a.k.a “As A Gee”.

I’m am from Ebonyi state , Eastern part of Nigeria.

I studied public administration from the Federal Polytechnic , Nekede, Imo state. I am from a family of 5 .

How long have you been in the entertainment industry ???

I have always been an entertainer all my life , since my high school days ; I was the social prefect. I became more engrossed with entertainment when I was schooling in Niger Delta University, Amasoma Wilberforce Island , Bayelsa state Nigeria.

I started my fashion show called “Mr & Miss Ultimate Nigeria” , then “Nigerian Ultimate awards” . I also did couple of talents hunt show because of my love and passion for entertainment .

I also got actively involved in movie production & talent management .

My first major event in Lagos was sponsored by Rumors festac owned by 2face Idibia under the management of Mr Kefaru Temidayo.

Who have you worked with in the industry ??

I have worked with a lot of celebrities & public figures I won’t like to mention , but presently I am the talent manager for the celebrated brand actor & musician “Angela Okorie” .

Wow! Envy & jealousy in the industry has been a major challenge for me . If they see you doing good , they will come for you ; and if you are not strong enough , you will not be able to withstand the pressures .

So how do you react to Envy and jealous in the industry???

The best way I handle envy and jealousy is the industry to to keep silent.

The popular saying goes “Silent is the best answer for a F**l” , so I keep my mouth shut and watch .

You were recently involved in an attack with Angela Okorie while coming from an event , can you share the same experience with us ???

Wow! This is a bitter experience & at the same time a process to learn. All I can say is that if not that I have a clean heart & God with me , i would have been dead by now , but according to God directives , I am a survivor!!! I , Angela & the team got shot severally , but it takes the grace of God to be alive.

How do you combine your talent “Angela Okorie” doing music & movie at the same time & how do you manage your resources ???

Firstly , I am someone that believes in exhibiting and developing the growth of a talent when I see a prospective one, because I have this philosophy of life which goes by “If you don’t exhibit the talent that is in you, it’ll die off” . We have more than 1000talents in us as individuals . So combining music and movie is not that hard , it is inbuilt , it lives within her , and so far so good she’s doing well in movie roles and also doing good numbers of her music streams both digitally and physically .

Where do you see your brand in the next five years ???

I see my brand dominating the world , setting records & breaking barriers in few years to come.

Define Angela Okorie in one sentence ???

Wow! From Modeling to Acting and now music , what do you that?? I call her “Grace Verified “ lol!

Who are the people that inspire you in the industry ??

I look up to Ayo Makun , he is Hardworking and passionate about his craft , and to me this is an inspiration to me.

Any other words ???

Keep on doing what you love and believe in yourself, definitely God will bless you.

I want to tell people out there

Do not always depend on people to achieve whatever you want to achieve; always stand out and keep working , you will always come out strong AS A GEE!

Thanks for you time !

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