Anthony Joshua Reveals How He Keeps Fit Ahead Of His Fights

Anthony Joshua Reveals How He Keeps Fit Ahead Of His Fights

Nigerian born British boxer, Anthony Joshua knows is currently preparing for a heavyweight title defense against Alexander Povetkin on September 22.

In the 10 weeks leading to the bout, Joshua (21-0, 20 knockouts) will eat as many as 5,000 calories per day, with a full-time staff on hand to monitor everything from portion sizes to signs of over training or fatigue in any specific body part.

In a recent interview with DAZN, he discusses how he prepares for each opponent, which foods work best before a heavyweight title bout, and the one sweet cheat meal he can’t turn down.

See excerpts from the interview below….

What is your overall focus as you begin this training camp?

It used to be about the opponent I was facing. You can never underestimate anyone, and I’ll always do my homework. I’m on a mission now, though. It’s not about who I’m fighting. It’s more about what my purpose is, because I want to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

You have to change your approach every time, because of the natural pressure of the fight—it’s a big occasion. so you start locking yourself away. Your mood changes. It’s kind of like going to work—you have to get into the mindset of preparing for that.

Is there any part of training camp that you hate?

Anytime I’m not learning, and am only working out. If I just wanted to work out, I’d go to the gym and do that myself. When I’m in the gym and I’m boxing, there has to be a learning component there, too. It’s important to be honest with your coach, and to speak up on things that you want to work on, instead of just being told what to do.

With as much as you eat during camp, do you still follow a similar regimen throughout the year?

Yeah. I take my poo seriously. I don’t eat white rice, cheese, or gluten. Everything I eat flows through my body well, so I keep a good weight. I’m don’t eat spicy foods, or things that make me feel bloated. I’m eating well even when I’m not training.

All of that comes from experience. It doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve always been quite conscious of what I put in my body. Now, there are so many ways to eat healthy: vegetarian, veganism, pescetarianism. Everyone is talking about trends like these, and I’m quite aware of them. By doing my research, I get to see maximum improvements from what I eat.

When you first start fighting, it happens every month or every other month, so you have to stay active. Then, you get to the stage where you’re fighting three times a year, with months off in between. But staying at your fight weight is the only way to be a champion for more than one or two defenses. You have to stay ready.

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