Adekunle Gold Finally Reveals The Truth About His Relationship With Simi And Adesua

Adekunle Gold Finally Reveals The Truth About His Relationship With Simi And Adesua

Adekunle Gold in a recent interview with Punch has revealed the status of his relationship with Adesua and fellow singer Simi.

He mentioned the fact that his tweet to the actress where she told his to get 50,000 retweet to get a date with her was all a joke.

He also spoke on his relationship with the ‘Joromi’ singer;

“People do not know if Adesua is just my friend. They wouldn’t know if my tweet was just banter or if it was real. I guess a lot of people thought it was real and I was asking Adesua out online. Why would I do that?

“We were just joking and she is my friend. I even tweeted when she got engaged that I ’d not even got the 50, 000 retweets she asked for and she was already engaged. It was just banter but I guess people see what they want to see. Adesua and I never dated; we were/are just friends.

“If we had dated, I would have definitely worked towards marrying her. I mean, who would not want to marry Adesua? That is ‘if’ we had dated but that was never the case.”

“I am also thinking of marriage because I am a family man. Already, I have a girlfriend but I would not tell you if she is in this industry.

“I don’t have to tell you if I am dating Simi or not. I cannot reveal my girlfriend’s identity because it could be that she does not want to be known.

“It could be that I want that aspect of my life to be a secret. People know and love me because of my music.

“I cannot be married for 10 years and people would not eventually find out. When the time is right, everyone would know who my love interest is.

“Let ’s assume that I am dating Simi, what if it does not work out? I’d love to keep that part of my life secret.”

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