Nobody ever told me “ABORTION” had this kind of aftermath. This is the third month have been receiving regular visits from sleeplessness as a result of all sorts of nightmares. I felt so intensely bad as if I had committed murder, who knows probably my baby would have grown up to be the great president, that my country has been praying for. All kinds of thoughts  flew through my mind as I stared at the roof on my lonely bed. I just had another nightmare of my crying baby. This time I saw the baby crying with blood coming out of his eyes. I could not help but cry too and beg for his forgiveness.Something was always stopping me from carrying him to pacify him.
3 months ago, I took the most terrible decision of my life on a Tuesday morning.The kind of abortion I was about to undergo required that I see the doctor regularly. The doctor had inserted a rod in my cervix few days before and told me to come for the final thing when my water breaks. This was so because it took me close to 7months of carrying the foetus to decide that I was not ready to be a mother, not for that nonentity boyfriend of mine. So,here I was for the final processes to abort the pregnancy.
I was given some anesthetics and l laid faced up with my legs hanged like I wanted to deliver though a killed baby. The doctor came with some instruments of different sharp edges and shapes. The sight of these knives was so dreadful. I wanted to change my mind when I saw these baby killing/murder tools but the thought of having a baby was even more scary. I summoned courage and calmed down.
Something was done to the foetus that made it rotate and a rod was used to smash his little skull to death. A tong-like instrument was used to grasp and pull out the legs and other parts. I took away my face to avoid seeing his parts been brought out little by little. After like 20 minutes of several insertion of tools of increasing sizes, the doctor said “done”
Despite the drugs I was given to stop the pain, I still felt deep abdominal pains. I felt physically relieved as my tommy had gone flatter and lighter but the guilt that was emanating from my heart was so heavy. Much more heavier than the load I just lost. I went straight home and laid on the bed for hours.
The sleeplessness continued till the time I summoned courage to talk to you ma. I just want to get all this out of my mind and talk to someone like you. Ma, how can two people have sex, which resulted into pregnancy that we were not ready for but only me should suffer the consequence of the action . And the suffering had continued till now. Pls ma, I don’t know what to do again. As a family counsellor what do you think can be done to receive the forgiveness of the baby I killed? The only relief I can think of is to kill myself! Help me pls…she cried…
This was the ABORTION story of the lady that walked into my office at around 5pm in the evening, she was plummy, tall and dark. She looked a little disturbed and confused. I was almost scared because I was alone in the office because every other person had left and I was almost closing for the day too. She looked about my age but obviously with more experience. I gave her my listening ears then she started narrating her story…I told her that though she had shed the blood of an innocent baby which was obviously crying for judgement, I do know of the blood of JESUS that only cries for mercy. I led her again to Christ and told her all the things she needs to set right. The owner of the aborted pregnancy too and the doctor, everybody involved had their part of reconciliation that had to be done.
Let’s spread this news to everyone.Jesus CHRIST puts a total end to all the CRISIS in our lives. Enter into a life partnership with HIM today.Accept him. Now….

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