Why I failed at my nightclub business, AY Comedian reveals

Why I failed at my nightclub business, AY Comedian reveals

Why I failed at my nightclub business, AY Comedian reveals

While some celebrities find it difficult to share stories about their failures, others see it as a way to inspire their fans.

In light of this, ace comedian and actor, Ayo Makun- AY Comedian, has opened up about his failed nightclub, MVP Lagos.

Speaking during an Instagram live interview monitored by Sunday scoop, the comedian stated, “I once entered a business that I did not understand. I am very open, there is nothing to hide.

There was a time I opened a nightclub. I opened a nightclub with the thought that ‘My name is AY’, I do shows at Eko Hotel, six thousand people attend. If I do my show in Abuja, thousands of people will also come.

So I asked myself if I open a beer parlour, will I not be able to gather two hundred people in a weekend? I did not understand that it’s a different calling. That I can gather six thousand people at Eko Hotel does not mean I have the capacity to gather two hundred people on a Friday night.”

Speaking further, the filmmaker also noted that the lesson he learnt from his experience was that every individual should know their strength.

He added, “Because I did not understand how the Friday night business works, it was a fundamental failure; money was lost. What is the message here? I also have two of my friends who were solid in the nightlife business. They decided to have a show at Eko Hotel. It was a disaster. The message here is for everyone to know their strength. Know where you can function, know what you can handle.”

AY also urged young people not to always focus on what they could get when they meet someone who could help them.

He added, “You give someone your number, two days later the person has a house rent problem. You lose people like that when the relationship is all about how to milk them. You just want to go there with a bucket and begin to fetch from that well.”

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