What you need to know about Benjamin Edoja, CEO Maple Gold

What you need to know about Benjamin Edoja, CEO Maple Gold

Maple Gold is established to create impactful ventures in the business world. The tycoon behind the scenes Benjamin Edoja whom appears to be the President & CEO, a very productive and industrial personality with international experiences of resourcefulness in economic development attributions.

Over the years, he has been an influence on community services by supporting humanitarian programs through tourism, arts, sports and especially the entertainment industry. In the recent time, after years of success in constructions, innovative sector, creative administrations, member of the executive board of directors that governs the largest creative industry in Africa which is the Performing Musicians Employee Association of Nigeria (PMAN), Nigeria to be specific and the neighboring West African communities since 2016 to be precise. 

Being a international representative, a public servant of most lucrative and prominent organizations from Africa, holding standard credentials in communications, and as a director of projects, development initiatives and marketing strategies in the international scenes, the entrepreneur has invested so in economic progress and human resources. 

Having carrying out community development related services between two decades in Africa before the migration to North America in 2018 for continuous international industrial development assessmentthat is beneficial to the society, it citizens home and abroad,with humanitarian collective potentials also as a skilled professional that partnered with notable organizations and companies in Nigeria and Canada (International Relations)Utility Engineer, skilled worker (Maritime) for a short period of time, a disciplinarian, educator (private sector), fundraising, volunteer, donations, humanitarian and mentorship programs. 

The Canadian citizen who was a 4 years resident in Canada before naturalization was born in Lagos, Nigerian. Benjamin Akpojaro Edoja, is an indigene ofOkpe Sapele, Delta State.

The high school graduate who furthered his career in the North America after migration in 2018 studied business development, contents/marketing/media gave much to the communities of Quebec and Ontario province to begin with, through mentorship program, conceptual strategies, festivals, sportsetc. 

He started his career in Lagos, lived in Montreal, Gatineau and the capital city Ottawa, Canada. To crown it all, he also added that his journey in his new career as aspecialist in communications facilitated much remotely with ideas and crafts that was beneficial to industry.

He introduced ideological concepts of fast growing economic through his invented business logic known as “LAW OF RAPID ECONOMIC GROWTH” (LOREG) and in addition, “GLOBAL ECOLOGY DISCOVERY” (GED) this indices are his unique formation to generating incremental profitable revenue for the economy. His passion for commerce, oil and gas, import and export,socialism, agriculture, ecology, tourism and education remains undisputed.


 The triple pioneer has the bilingual ability to speak in both English and French which happens to be an added advantage also, the mogul is an executive officer, observer national delegate and president MAPLE GOLD. MAPLE GOLD is founded in Canada 2023 as an entity,non- profit organization, government agencies.

The administration is commissioned to correspond as an agency under the government of Ontario and the government of Canada (Global Affairs) rendering special tasks such as International relations, rights and protections, advocacy (legal aid), tourism, human resources, publishing, conference, educational influential programs also, it is about digital innovations, sales and marketing, technology, digital monetization, digital restructural finances, organizations all under INNOVATION SCIENCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (ISED) Canada. 

 The engineer and business man is the founder of DELAND, CANNYWOOD, GENERATION NEXT EMPIRE, EDOJA INVESTMENT COMPANY which are all subsidiaries MG says he is ready to take his career to a next dimension not only the North America, Canada, Nigeria but to the entire world and to also, be a part of innovative progress in the digital and constructive industry, provided, quality services are assured to our technology, e- commerce industry with wide range of infrastructures for a successful economy few years to come. 

Benjamin Edoja Alias EDWARD  


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