Mike Tyson slept with prison counselor to shave time off sentence

Mike Tyson slept with prison counselor to shave time off sentence

To reduce his sentence, Mike Tyson slept with a prison counselor.

Mike Tyson has had an eventful life. During his career, the former heavyweight boxing champion amassed a fortune of over $300 million and lived a luxury lifestyle that included $7 million necklaces, $2 million gold bathtubs, and exotic pets, but he also had a number of run-ins with the authorities.

Tyson was arrested for raping an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant when he was in the zenith of his fame. Tyson was convicted and sentenced to six years in jail in 1992, despite his claims of innocence.

Tyson was only sentenced to three years in prison. Few people are aware, however, that he was given a fourth year due of his terrible behavior while incarcerated. Years later, the Hangover star admitted to sleeping with a jail counselor to shorten his sentence.

During his first six months in prison, Mike Tyson got himself into a lot of trouble.

While imprisoned, Mike Tyson was able to put a stop to race riots.

During a 2020 interview with VLAD TV, Tyson reflected on his time in prison, stating that he misbehaved mostly due to his dissatisfaction with the results of his trial.

Tyson explained, “I got in problems for the first six months and whatnot, cussing, getting written up.” “By that time, I’d gotten the hang of things. ‘Hey, I can handle this.’ The next thing you know, I’m dating one of the counsellors, and she’s allowing me to have sex with her.”

Because he was so difficult to deal with at first, Tyson claims he got another year added to his sentence.

“So far, I’m doing well. But I have to pay back the year I spent getting write-ups for the first six months…. I’m like a prisoner who is a star student. Everything is dependable. ‘Hey Mike, remember when you were a jerk for the first six months?’ There’s a bang. They extended my contract for another year.”

He slept with a jail counselor in order to shorten his sentence.

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