FBI Opens Investigation On R.Kelly Over Sexual Abuse Of Minor

FBI Opens Investigation On R.Kelly Over Sexual Abuse Of Minor

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have decided to look into the case that involved R.Kelly flying a minor, Azriel Clary to another state for sexual purposes.

Azriel Clary, one of the brave women who participated in Lifetime’s “Surviving R.Kelly” docu-series, is a key part of the FBI’s latest probe into the singer’s anti-moral activities.

The FBI obtained the transcript for a flight R. Kelly arranged for Azriel when she was still a minor: Palm Springs to Phoenix to Orlando on May 25, 2015, on a slingshot rout.

Sources close to the situation have informed TMZ that Azriel’s three-way trip was arranged by a woman – believed to be one of R. Kelly’s administrative assistants. Clary Azriel was 17 years old at the time of the flight, putting R. Kelly in direct violation of the Mann Act – which prohibits the illegal transportation of a minor across state lines, for the purpose of sex, debauchery or prostitution.

TMZ says FBI officials learned of the flight arrangement within the past 7 days. As reported, the Feds have been in contact with Joycelyn Savage’s father throughout the past 18 months.

You might recall, Joycelyn Savage is suspected of being one of R. Kelly’s longstanding “sex slaves,” even though by all accounts, she’s been spotted in the public eye without Robert by her side.

In turn, R. Kelly has provided an alibi for the flight arrangement, through an unspecified back channel. According to Kelly, Azriel’s parents consented to the trip in a signed letter, clearing the way for her “safe travel” without the presumption of “sex trafficking.”

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