Enough! Ghanaian comedian speaks about how criminally minded Nigerians in Ghana must be jailed

Enough! Ghanaian comedian speaks about how criminally minded Nigerians in Ghana must be jailed

Toor! Popular Ghanaian comedienne and actress, Afia Shwarzenneger has taking to social media to state why Ghanaians have been attacking Nigerians in her country and why every Nigerian doing crime in Ghana must be jailed. Afia listed 5 horrible news that made headlines in a week which involved Nigerians. She also says, she knows there are more that never made the news. Angry Afia wrote;

“My makeup artists @nancyblaq @divinecaseygh are Nigerians, my photographers @fotostore are Nigerians,,my personal trainer is a Nigerian, my favourite food on earth is bitter leaf n Eba, My gynaecologists is a Nigerian, My hair stylist is a Nigerian @kushbytaylar, I go to a Nigerian church and my Bishop is Dr David Oyedepo, I have been a winner for over 17 years..

However the recent actions of some Nigerians is nothing to write home about and as a Ghanaian I feel insecure n threatened by the statement issued by the ambassador of Nigeria and the disgusting video of Prof Augustine whatever.

“Lets look at this..

1. 8 kidnappers arrested..3 of them are Nigerians
2. 5 Nigerian men arrested in tema for robbery and rape
3. A Nigerian man was arrested for shooting a mobile money vendor
4. 2 Nigerians arrested for rape in Budubura
5. 4 Nigerian Men accused of raping a 15 yrs student in kasoa
6. 12 Nigerians Nabbed for internet Fraud.

I beg oo, with all these headlines in 1 week which I am so sure there are alot that didn’t make the news…

“How do you want ghanaians to feel, I mean Ghana is 30 million in population…I beg even Lagos big pass this Ghana…so how do u want us to feel…you people think we dnt have criminals or what??

“It is about time Nigerians in Ghana fish out the bad ones in order to gain ur good reputation in this country. No where in Africa will a foreigner walk into a city n just rent a house/room like we do in Ghana… Ghanaian Land lords wake up…you are the cause of all this.

“Just Abidjan, you can’t roam without a proper Id…how many Nigerians even have ecowas stamps in their passport????

“We should sit up Ghanaians and pls Nigerians if any Ghanaian is doing the above in your country…throw that idiot in Jail !!!!!

“Becos we Ghanaians will not entertain any form of BULLSHIT from any foreigner again.

“You will go to Jail and the land lords harbouring criminals, we will let the police arrest you too.

“Enough is Enough”.

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