6 Signs It Is Time to Introduce Your Partner to Your Family

6 Signs It Is Time to Introduce Your Partner to Your Family

So your mom has started showing more interest in your pictures asking ‘who is that guy with the black hat’ or hovering over you every time you get a call, and you can’t keep giving ambiguous answers forever.

Introducing your partner to your family can have anyone asking questions in their heads; is it too early? When does it become too long? Are we ready? Relax though! Introducing your partner to your parents should not be like solving some math puzzle.

If you are trying to figure this out then my dear, allow me to say you are all in your feels right now so it is possible you are making this call from an emotional stance, and such a move should not be a hundred percent emotional call.

Remember you are the only one in love with them and not your family…. There are signs you should look out for to know just when it is time.

1. Your relationship is stable

Is your relationship really stable? Making a mental relationship progress report is a good idea at this point for you to reassess your relationship goals and to know how far you both have come and how close you are to getting there.

Understanding this will help you figure out if you both are headed for rock bottom or forever island or at least if you are on the right track and not just swept.

2. Your partner wants to meet your family

Do they ask questions about your family? Questions that show interest have become more regular; “I love your mom already” or “When do I get to meet her?” questions like this flag an interest in their path. It shows a level of commitment and readiness of your partner, so maybe you should start trying to answer the question.

3. You want to move in together

You find yourself considering moving in together, I mean you already are spending almost every night together and have earned half their closet. Moving in together is a big step that is eventually contemplated in every serious relationship.

So if you find yourself at this junction, it means a part of you is convinced this relationship is here to stay, so I guess it is time for them to meet your family to avoid any awkwardness when your parents decide to pay you a surprise visit you with a pack of homemade cookies.

4. Your circle knows them

Everyone in your circle knows them and you know about everyone in their circle. So yea, you both have met each other’s friends and have blurred the lines between ‘your friend’ and ‘my friend.’

Your friends probably ask you about them within the first minute of you bumping into them. At this point, it is official, and you have seen how other people that care about you relate to them.

5. They know everything about you

They know about everything that happens in your family. I mean if you find yourself telling the other person everything that happens in your home, you might take them home as well.

6. You met their parents

You have already met their parents, phew! That was not so bad. Especially when they loved you. You should be thinking of reciprocating their gesture because this likely means their willingness to have you more involved in their lives and if you don’t, it is only a matter of time before they start to bother.

If you can find them amazing, there is a chance the people close to you would too, right? If you are in love with your partner, it is the major sign it is time for your parents to see your soulmate.

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