5 Reasons Why People Are Crazy About BB Naija 2018 Housemate, Miracle

5 Reasons Why People Are Crazy About BB Naija 2018 Housemate, Miracle

BB Naija 2018 is flowing with different people with different talents who are proving that there is more to them than just their pretty face.


But we have to admit we love some of these housemates because of their pretty faces and one of such housemates is Miracle.

When Miracle first entered the house most people just assumed he would be just the average pretty boy with nothing to offer. Last week Miracle shocked everyone that he knows what he is doing and now no one can say he hasn’t achieved anything in the BB Naija 2018 house. That is why we love him.

 Here are 5 reasons why we love BB Naija Housemate Miracle.

1. He Is A Pilot

When Miracle first stepped on the stage as a contestant, his uniform got so many people shouting for how cool he looked. Miracle loves that he is a pilot so much he wears his uniform for every eviction show.

2. He Knows How To Treat Women Right

Many have said that Miracle is the right man for a girl and it seems this to be true because the relationship he fellow housemate Nina have are like serving people couple goals which makes people love them the most. The fact that he also doesn’t pressure Nina into admitting what she doesn’t feel is also good. He is also the type of guy that would defend his woman anytime anywhere.

Watch Miracle and Nina serve couple goals

3. He is Trustworthy And Determined

No one should doubt what you can do when you put your mind to it. Miracle proved that he is determined and ready to play the game. His moment of glory came when he won the Head of House challenge for the 4th week. even the housemates commended him at doing a good job with heading the house. He has also shown that he can be trustworthy with his actions.

Watch how Miracle’s determination won him the head of House Challenge


4. He is Straight Forward

Miracle is never one to play games with people’s feelings but talks to them straight and tells them the truth. that kind of person is  just what you need if you are looking for a true friend. Some might think he is a gossiper but he has shown that he he his smart and knows what he is doing. everyday Miracle keeps showing how capable and rational he is and this is increasing his fan base.


5. We Love Miracle Because He Is Handsome and Sexy

We can be allowed to be vain here. Miracle is one of the most handsome guys in the BB Naija house and he knows it. He won most female fans over because of his looks and the way he treats his female housemates especially his special Nina.

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