Veteran actor, Victor Olaotan popularly known for his role in Tinsel was involved in a car crash on Lagos-Ibadan expressway on October 31, 2016.

The actor reportedly faces amputation of both legs to save his life.

According to TheNet; ”We can confirm that veteran actor Victor Olaotan faces having both legs amputated as a result of the car crash he was involved in back in October 2016.

A reliable source close to the family confirmed to us that his health status is being closely guarded and is the reason that no explanation has been given for his extended stay away from the public.

‘Only family members, few friends and colleagues are aware of this development,’the source further said.

The accident was so severe that the 65-year-old Olaotan had to be placed on immediate medically induced coma.

Although his family gave a nonspecific statement that he was recuperating and ‘in stable condition’, the truth is his legs may have to be cut off to allow him any chance of recovery”

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