#OpenLetter: Dear Efe! @Efemoney Congratulations to you on your new feat as the winner at the just concluded #BBNaija2017!!! Welcome to limelight 🌟👑🌍💯...

Its the dreams of every young man to be great in life. Everyone wants to drive fast cars, luxury homes, and lifestyle of no stress; but It’s so painful that so many are just day dreaming , but not working to achieve this goals , a whole lots of youths growing into adults has sought the means of fast money through unrightful means just to be talk of the town, tho they might think they living the dreams, but they are not looking at the bigger picture….

Hmm Efe Money ☺ You deserve the current position you are sitting. I’ve got an advice for you, or I’ll rather call it an opinion .. “Pls don’t let this stardom gets into your head” Really What is 25Million naira, The endorsements, the SUV, even the streetside money sef! VANISHABLES!!!

I have seen celebrities have all the buzz at a particular period, but where Is the buzz right now??? Please look at the big dreams and don’t just live the dreams by the buzz you have at the moment.

Do something big with the brand you have at the moment, surround yourself with people with good vibes only, and please don’t over package!!! No Do Pass your self!!! Don’t forget the streets where you from, stay humble to the people who GOD has used to make you achieve this aim, coz when the buzz is over everything returns to default. Create something iconic and together we can make Africa great!!!

BASEDONLOGISTICS, levels Don change true true, but a beg all you have to do is #JEJE .. GOD BLESS YOU!!! #DontTryToBeLikeAnyone#AlwaysPutGod1st #AfricaToTheWorld#DatjoblessboiTV #DJBTV #1